Sunday, September 12, 2010

Guilt is for the weak

Today I OD-ed on Eid candy. It was quite the feat, considering I'm not even a big fan of candy. I'm more of a chocolate, carbs, deep-fried kind of girl. And yet there was a sickening sort of satisfaction in making the decision to overdose on candy. It's not the actual event that I enjoyed, it was the ability to make that decision and not feel one second of guilt over it.

THAT'S RIGHT. I don't believe in manufacturing guilt over what we eat. That seriously messes with your brain, and I won't have it.

Tomorrow, I hit an Indian restaurant followed by copious amounts of dessert. Try to stop me, I dare you.


  1. but what about guilt over the fact that you are not taking care of the body that has been entrusted to you by Allah(swt). are you not instead, abusing it by giving it things that are satisfying your tongue presently and momentarily, but in the long run may jeopardize your health and lead to sickness?

    just a thought :)

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  3. I see what you're saying, and you're right. The kind of guilt I was talking about though was more related to a self-loathing kind of guilt where nothing is ever good enough, where you have to keep tabs obsessively over everything you eat because social norms dictate that you're too fat to be beautiful.

    That guilt disgusts me. Which is why I can have candy and not feel bad. Naturally I don't have candy every day, or every week. Candy isn't even my weakness. Otherwise I might see things a bit differently than I do.

    Of course, I do believe in maintaining the body given to us by Allah (swt) since it's a trust. That's why I started this blog in the first place :)